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National consulting, firm and contractors engaged in the field of water treatment, sewage, and general trading. We are backed by manpower and technology experts. We have experience and are recognized in manufacturing, mining petrochemical, textile, and beverage companies.


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Water Treatment Plant

Process undertaken to improve the quality of water so that it can be accepted or used for end-use under specification conditions

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Wastewater Treatment Plant

Treatment of industrial activity waste with excessive COD and FOG content using Anerobic System

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Purified Water Treatment

 Treatment of clean water derived from groundwater, river water, or sea water for the use of toilets and drinking consumption

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Process of removing groundwater or surface water from a construction sites using dewatering system

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Boiler and Reverse Osmosis Water Treatment

Water purification using Reverse Osmosis Membrane through distillation and electrolysis

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Sewage Treatment Plant

an Innovation in domestic wastewater treatment by utilizing technology to become clear water with efficiency and quality

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Cooling and Chilling Water Treatment

Preventive treatment in preventing scaling in pipe system an other material system


Tools used to help the water and wastewater treatment process

Specialty and General Chemical

Excellent products that can help with water and wastewater treatment

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